Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wherein Taking Flight and Friend. Follow. Text. are Nathan Burgoine Red Room shout-out.

And much appreciated that is. Excerpt? Word.

"Speaking of a different sort of click, the difference a few keystrokes can make is explored in the next story in Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline, which is a kind of stream of consciousness aimed at the reader birthed in the paling of a long-term relationship. Here, a woman is wondering if she – like her father – has it in her to be unfaithful, or if she – like her mother – can handle just smiling and faking happiness for the rest of her life, when what she really has is a kind of contentment and comfortable routine.

Facebook brings a new outlet for these thoughts that is – at least on the surface – somewhat safe. After all, Facebook is the epitome of the brief and casual connection, is it not? A window into the lives of others, easily enjoyable, and then – simply – removed. Except when you go looking for something you know you shouldn’t be seeking, the odds are good you’ll find it.

And can you really just click and make it all go away?

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