Sunday, July 14, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - League of Somebodies by the Samuel Sattin.

On a weekend where heroes seem to be so widely unavailable, it is something to read  League of Somebodies by Samuel Sattin as not just the story of a superhero, and all that entails, moments of valor and challenge, fathers and sons, far-off worlds, and origin stories, but as a story where said superhero is in essence created from scratch, and what that means in a world so otherwise devoid of heroes. Do we need them? Do they make a difference? And in the end, do we ourselves have to be our own superheroes, ready to leap tall buildings when and where possible, striving for justice, and fighting those things that lurk in the darkness, mutating, evolving, and forcing us to question our base assumptions about men, women, and what evil looks like? Not that Sattin is asking us to do all that. He is creating something from nothing in a striking, Jewey, Kavalier and Clay-like swing for the fences swirl of togas, spandex, lions, and family. Which is probably enough to ask. The development of a full world like ones we know from the world of comic books, and yet have still never quite encountered prior to entering these pages. Ultimately, literature can be a blueprint and an escape, sometimes inspirational, and capable of changing lives. But they don't necessarily change the world. Only we can do that, even if we're not entirely sure how to do so.   

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