Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - Here Is How It Happens by Spencer Dew.

We are sitting on a beach. There is heat and skin. Everyone is inked. The skies are boundless and possibility is everywhere. People will get laid soon enough. Words will be consumed. Conversations had. And relationships will continually form and self-destruct like small stars with every moment that passes. We are in a world which is both that of Spencer Dew and not. It is too sunny here, and there is too much joy. It is summer and we are all surface. And that is not Dew. But the rest of it, or the possibility of it, is all Dew. He is a chronicler of relationship and the decay and mire contained there in. Loss and paranoia rule, sharp dialogue abounds, and a sense of structure permeates the work. And his latest, Here is How it Happens, is no exception. It is a novel of place, small town America at its all-night, greasy diner dreariest, and space, the heads of the barely adult, whose every thought seems so very important to them, and every word drips with implications and confusion. Dew knows these places and spaces so very well and captures them in aching fashion. More than that though, he knows what it means to feel trapped, trapped in your small town, your head, your ideas, and your relationships, and to be too young to realize that you are not trapped at all, there is a road, a door, and choices, right there, if you can just discover them. But that of course comes with age and experience and all the things these characters have yet to obtain. All of which is quite foreign as we sit stretched out on a beach rife with words and skin and ink, and yet one more reminder, that books, this one, that one, and the one we'll read next can change your life, if even only for a moment at that. 

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