Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - Bones Buried in the Dirt by David S. Atkinson.

You are looking for a guy. This guy writes books, but you don't know exactly what he looks like, much less where to find him. As you look for this guy, you meet another guy. That guy writes books too. You don't know him or his work, but there is swap, and Bones Buried in the Dirt by David S. Atkinson, sits there, waiting, looming, possibly beckoning, and you still know so little about it. But then you read these sparsely and beautifully written stories about childhood sexuality, violence, and terror by this guy you now know. Stories that derive so much power from their ability to capture quotidian moments, that you are reminded of Hush up and Listen Stinky Pooh Butt by Ken Sparling, another book that found poetry in the nearly real time moments that make for a life. All of which is to say, that you were looking for a guy, you found another guy, and that guy's book, once looming, now read, changes your life. Pretty cool that.

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