Friday, March 22, 2013

So this is what happens when you let Michael J. Seidlinger take over your blog for the day during his epic, and dare we say, life changing My Pet blog tour. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Alias/Known As: “Psych”

Real name: Ben Tanzer

Number of victims: 7


~Estimated to operate between the hours of 7PM and 11PM.
~Cold-called from a pay card various local residences.
~Spoke to receptive individuals, often for hours at a time, discussing the ups and downs of their life choices.
~Gave advice and proceeded to ensnare victims with a truth that kept them on the phone waiting for his every command.
~After providing advice, reportedly used influence to command victims.
~Stated to have told victims, “This is how I will change your life.”
~Told victims how to stabilize/improve life.
~Victims resist or desist.
~Victims that resisted resulted in self-induced suicide.

Be Mine

“I’m picturing a rainy day like any other day and a woman dripping wet...
“I’m picturing the night I returned to my apartment, soaked, and there he was, Victor Hent, a normal attractive male, turning one body into two. I’m picturing it split down the middle because it sounds so much better that way.
“I’m picturing what I said and what I didn’t say...I’m picturing his face when he realized I was serious.My offer, serious and true...I’m picturing our kiss.I’m picturing everything you can’t picture, and it makes it so much better knowing that it’s mine and mine alone.
“But see how I’m not really telling you the whole story?”

My Pet Serial Killer. More here. For real. Enjoy. It just might change your life.

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