Sunday, March 10, 2013

Peculiar Ambitions. Keating. Hettler. Vaughan. Giron. Cobalt. Cook. Cantab. Matis. Pane. Seidlinger. Greenspan. Tuite. Heat. Goldman. Sirois. Tallon. Kuntz. Owens. Donnelly. Jurmu. Monticello. Sunnyoutside. Sparks. Gager. Vargas. Other Voices. Chapin. Will. Curbside Splendor. Mcmahon. Byloos and Seitzinger. Knabb. Housley. Carr. Charbonneau. McNamara. Electric Literature. Tyler. Williams. Frangello. And This Podcast Will Change Your Life, The AWP 2013 Edition Part I - Tales of Woe, starring the John Reed.

All that. And podcast with the John Reed. Most beautious and sure to change your life.

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TNBBC Super Mod said...

oh my god Ben, I look like shit. I appear to be having issues with one of my eyes. oh the horror.. the HORROR!