Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Book - and Podcast - Will Change Your Life - Code for Failure by Ryan W. Bradley.

We suppose we could pretend we are unbiased when it comes to Code for Failure, Ryan W. Bradley or even the Ryan W. Bradley Fails The Internet blog tour which is being hosted by the endlessly terrific TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog. But why bother, we love them all, we are fanboy and when these things crash together in a morass of literary awesomeness, we say beautiful, all of it, this is the goodness that serves as our fuel and the point of building this faux empire, being involved with things we love, reading, blogging, podcasting, authors, indy everything. So yes to all of it, yo, and no, we have not dropped our yo mode quite yet. Still, all of this said, Code for Failure is a wonderful thing, a meditation on the idea that even when you're mostly joyful, or even quasi-joyful, mistakes will be made, and failure will loom, until we believe happiness and success, however, we define these things, are really possible and available to us. And yes, maybe that means that Ryan W. Bradley is the punk Seuss, but then so be it, that's beautiful as well. Now, onto the business at hand, please do hit the podcast, please do enjoy some book blurb below, and because this an official book tour stop, please do plan to hit tomorrow's stop at Dead End Follies as well.

"As I consumed Code for Failure at first full of joy, then dread, then joy again, I couldn't help but think about the last time I tried to join the Century Club. To join you need to drink one shot of beer per minute for 100 minutes. At first there is humor and ease, the beer flows, you catch your breath, and dive back in. But then the minutes come at you faster and faster, things go wrong, beer is spilled, you lose your confidence, and a sense of anxiety begins to creep into the proceedings. At some point though you remember that this is supposed to be fun, that you can enjoy the moment and that you can stop being so wrapped-up in your fears and confusion. And that I think is Code for Failure, an exploration, even explanation, for how life can be so potentially full of pleasure and self-absorption, and how all is fine until mistakes are made, and mistakes will be made, and when they are, the hole will deepen, and you will not be sure that you can find your way out, until you do, because you will. And yes, I know I sound like I'm getting all Seuss and riffing on the punky, drunken, tattooed version of Oh, The Places You'll Go!, but that's okay, because that's what Ryan W. Bradley knows so well, and captures so vividly, life unfolding in real time, decisions made and not, love and loss, and the idea that failure is always looming until we are willing to believe in ourselves, take chances and remember that it's okay to be happy again."

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