Monday, August 15, 2011

Pulling a Bosworth.

It's true. We are pulling a Bosworth. Here. Now. And no, that doesn't mean we are brushing our lush beard one hundred times a night until it reaches a golden hue. Or running through the dew-covered Western Massachusetts mountains before dawn with our deer and antelope brothers and sisters. Nor are we remembering, forgetting, destroying or finding things. No, what it means, is that just as the Bosworth once generously gave away his bonus copy of My Father's House, so are we giving away the now bonus copy of Freight, yes that Freight, the one we just riffed on yesterday here, and there, that arrived in the mail today. So, if you want it, and you know you do, hit us with an email at and in the subject line write "I WANT BOSWORTH," because you know you do, and we will pick a winner tomorrow. Cool? Quite. We know.

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