Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Somewhere between Don Draper and Vic Mackey." You Can Make Him Like You gets Small Doggies'd. And likes it. A lot.

Small Doggies and its fearless leader Matty Byloos, our newest BFF for sure, are coolness, and so we are way thrilled indeed at their quite insane review of You Can Make Him Like You. Big thanks Matty and drinks on us when next we meet. For everyone else, some excerpt and please do keep a look out for some Small Doggies short story action soon. Very, very soon. Who knows, it just may change your life.

"Taking its name from a popular (?) song by The Hold Steady,
You Can Make Him Like You dabbles in pop culture moments of the immediate present, offering another pathway into the novel for many readers. In the wake of contemporary cinema and the ubiquitousness of television, we all tend to see ourselves as the star of our own miniseries. We soundtrack our experiences, we relate ourselves and our friends to characters on t.v. shows, we reference the heroes and villains of music, or fashion, or politics, in an effort to understand what the hell might be happening to us at any given time in the world. This is how we make sense of our time on the planet, which might be something particular about being American, I’m not sure. That said, the framework that the title establishes serves as a guide for navigating the text — and this may very well be a significant reason behind exactly why the pages of this book turn so easily and quickly."

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