Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Book, The Movie. You Can Make Him Like You. Yar.

Our good, maybe best, friend, Marshal Zeringue from the Campaign for the American Reader, who earlier this week invited us to write a You Can Make Him Like You piece for their The Page 69 Test blog, has now asked us to pen a You Can make Him Like You joint for their My Book, The Movie blog, where we not only get to identify who we would cast in the movie version of the book, but what we look to see, or is that hear, in a soundtrack and who we would like to direct the movie as well. We are quite appreciative for this opportunity, just as we were when Marshal first asked to write something similar for Lucky Man long ago, and in a galaxy far, far away. Please enjoy enjoy some excerpt and big thanks to Marshal and the whole crew at the campaign.

"Once upon a time, and in a galaxy far, far away I was once asked to tackle the challenge presented by My Book, The Movie for my novel Lucky Man. At the time I expressed a handful of desires and recommendations. One, that when Lucky Man was optioned, and for the record it's still available, so please do contact my representatives, quickly, I hoped that one result would be that Diane Lane would become so enamored with the movie's writing she would be compelled to finally return one of my calls. Still waiting for that, though my hopes are on the rise again with the release of my new novel You Can Make Him Like You. "

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Pete said...

Creative dabbler that he is, I doubt if Franco would agree to what he'd undoubtedly consider to be just another film role. To land him, you might have to tell him it's opera or kabuki.