Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today we bring you a Bosworthian homage of video and literary madness. Or if you prefer, the Sally Weigel virtual book tour: Day Four.

Today we are most honored to host Day Four of Sally Weigel's virtual book tour, also known as the Asleep book tour 2010. She is celebrating the release of her terrific novella Too Young to Fall Asleep and we decided that our contribution would be an homage to the equally terrific Mel Bosworth hosted Big Other Reading Series. Please enjoy.

"Catherine looks down at the space below her knees where her lower legs are supposed to be. Throwing the covers over the off-putting sight, Catherine suddenly becomes overwhelmed again with everything it represents. She forgets the annoying yet comforting banter between her sisters, loses the memories of drinking whiskey with her fellow soldiers, unable to think of anything but how her old feminine features are now unrecognizable. As she looks around at the white, sterile walls surrounding her, she grabs the journal beside her bed. She peers outside at a blue, cloudless sky, and summer leaves that rustle against the glass.

I wish I could be a sound of a chirping bird flying south. I wish I could be the sound of subway tracks shaking a building. I wish I could be the soft clamor of snow hitting the ground. I wish I could be the echo of a car speeding down the open road at two in the morning. I wish I could be a morning conversation over a coffee and a scone. I wish I could be the reverberation of high heels hitting a wood dancefloor, letting rhythm control the body. I wish I could be the sound of a bouncing ball, falling into the street, as a child looks both ways before darting after the tragic loss. I wish I could be a yawn. I wish I didn’t have to question my existence but could just acknowledge that it’s beautiful."