Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Book Will Change Your Life - Conquering Venus by Collin Kelley.

Bam. It took us all month, but we are happy to announce the first edition of This Book Will Change Your Life. Drum roll please. Thanks. And the first edition is...Conquering Venus by Collin Kelley, which we are going to file under books we might not have read, but did because we met the author, were quite taken with him, found ourselves intrigued, started reading and then quickly lost ourselves in this near otherworldly tale of romance, revolution, suicide and Paris. That said, here's the main thing that we want to impart here, Collin Kelley really knows how to spin a story, and we think that maybe you could benefit from being so spinned. So please do take a look, because it just might change your life. And, and, if all this wasn't enough, please feel free to check out this interview with Collin by the crew at the Orange Alert as well. It's all that.

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