Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball.

Right off the bat, we should say that we are feeling all quasi-Lovelace with this multi-photo, and multi-leveled, is that the right word, blog post/book blurbage. Still within moments of delving into Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball, the dark overlord of all things writing, film and interview - see the most excellent Michael Kimball Writes Your Lifestory (on a postcard) series, and please note that TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer has been so postcarded, loved it and thinks you should try it as well - we couldn't help but think of the scene in Rocky III when they ask "Clubber" Lang as played by Mr. T. his prediction for his upcoming fight with The Italian Stallion and he replies "pain."

Because here's the thing you know there is pain to come. What you also quickly know is that the experiencing said pain is going to be highly engrossing. And what you ultimately find out - spoiler alert, maybe - is that a book about child abuse, mental illness and suicide can be done without magic realism or horrific near-horror movie violence, but still be moving, even paralyzing, and that pain can be captured on the page both sparsely and lyrically, an achievement that is magical in all its own way.

A final note, we realized that yesterday's post had nothing to do with bearded writers/artists of any kind and so we want to thank both Michael and Mr. T. for getting us back on track.