Monday, October 8, 2007

Lucky Man - inspirational? We are humbled.

Our good friend, that loquacious raconteur Nick Ostdick, has found inspiration on the pages of "This Blog Will Change Your Life" and is calling for rejection letters, big and small, rude, weird, and otherwise, to be sent to him at He will in turn post them anonymously on his blog "In The Nick of Time" in a great celebration of rejections everywhere and you can visit this link for more information. We here at Lucky Man, Inc. are quite humbled to have inspired anyone to do anything, though as always we appreciate seeing actual quantitative validation that the moniker "This Blog Will Change Your Life" is in no way misleading. We can change lives, and some times we do. That said, we encourage you to join Nick on this glorious quest for rejection awesomeness. Some one, maybe Amanda Bynes, once stated, let it never be said that a small group of individuals can't change the world, in fact they're the only ones who ever have. Nick is our Amanda Bynes, what do you say we go change the world with him.

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Unknown said...

You know, honestly, people have told I remind them of Amanda must be the eyes.