Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lucky Man rises from the ashes

Like Dark Phoenix Lucky Man has risen from the ashes of its crash and burn at the Book Revue. Last night was local authors night at The Book Cellar and many thanks to Suzy T. for the invitation to participate. It is a really awesome bookstore with wonderful books and good coffee. There was a great crowd. People actually bought copies of Lucky Man. Suzy T. kept four signed copies for the store. And for the first time I saw Lucky Man quasi-arranged in a tasteful window display. We at Lucky Man, Inc. are quite happy.

Meanwhile, we also had the chance to meet the very cool Nick Ostdick, author of Sunbeams & Cigarettes and Editor/Publisher of RAGAD a very happening new literary broadside that is celebrating its one-year anniversary and will be publishing a short story of mine later this summer. We hope you will visit RAGAD and we hope you buy Nick's book as well. Will doing these things change your life? Maybe.

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