Sunday, September 20, 2015

This Book Will Change Your Life - Loss Angeles by the Mathieu Cailler.

We suppose it doesn't say very much about our reading comprehension skills that as we read Loss Angeles by the Mathieu Cailler we thought to ourselves, Los Angeles is a fine title, but it should be titled Loss Angeles. Which may have something to do with how often we've been thinking lately about our great desire to move Los Angeles, but for the moment we choose to ignore that, and instead focus on Cailler's great grasp of what the ripple effects of loss look, and feel, like, whether it's the loss of a parent - with The Bridge, the wrenching kick-off to Loss Angeles, a marriage, with A Day Like Today, heartbreaking, or a new romance, with When Men Wore Hats, crushing. What makes Loss Angeles (extra) special though are the moments of joy punching through the loss - stories such as Do You See The Big Dipper? or Zorbas's - moments that offer something found, that puncture the lovingly crafted sadness all around them, and offer relief, when something worse seemed readily possible. Which is to say, Loss Angeles just may change your life, as it has changed ours.     

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