Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Book Will Change Your Life - Every Kiss A War by the Leesa Cross-Smith.

As always there is travel and read, but sometimes there is crushing as well, and to loosely paraphrase ourselves - and how obnoxious is that - just about the sexiest thing we've ever read. Though to be clear, Every Kiss A War, the debut story collection from the Leesa Cross-Smith, is more than that: parenting, dating, stalking, broken relationships and broken people, not to mention, longing and fantasy, sadness and loss, and so much kissing and touching, and wanting to kiss and touch, all of which is ultimately a fantastically rich exploration of just how desperate our need can be to connect with someone, anyone, in any fashion we can. And yet, and yes, we suppose there is always an "and yet," it is really fucking sexy, terribly, and endlessly, and you can read Every Kiss A War for any number of reasons, the language and joy seeping off of the pages, or merely for the quite triumphant Whiskey & Ribbons, which will knock you on your ass, but the sexiness is reason enough, and for that you need look no further then the trifecta of interlocking stories - What The Fireworks Are For, Hold on, Hold on, and Cheap Beer & Sparklers - because they are sure to change your life.

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