Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wherein Lost in Space is all excerpt and The Unexamined Life at the Litro.

Quite excerpt. Endlessly unexamined. And very thankful to the Dan Coxon and the whole Litro crew for making it so. Excerpt? Word.

"Here’s what you need to know: my father is dead and Debbie and I are talking about having a baby. My father was a complicated mix of artist, teacher, activist, and world traveler, and yet despite that, he died with regrets about things he had, and had not, done. The regrets did not make the person, but coupled with his death their impact is profound for me.

We think we can escape our parents’ shadows, but moving away from them, or shutting off our feelings, even their death, does not make the shadows go away.

Children are different of course. The shadows come later, but even talking about having children makes the chance for adventure seem less likely, and Debbie and I have definitely not been on enough adventures together. And yes, I know, people go on adventures when they are parents, but will we? I don’t know, which makes me think even more about regret and shadows, which leaves me spinning.
It also makes me want to run away."

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