Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This Podcast - and Book - Will Change Your Life, Episode Sixty-Seven - Sad Robot Stories, starring the Mason Johnson.

We should begin by noting that Sad Robot Stories is a very apt title. There is sadness. Robots. And stories. Or story, really. But it's all there. That's just not all. Because there is also love. How it's found and how much it hurts. That there is sadness because there is love. That with love comes loss. And that one way we manage these feelings is to tell stories about who we are, what we might yet be, and what it is to love at all. There is also change, because things change, and because without change there isn't life, or a chance at love, much less loss, though most importantly, there isn't story, or as Johnson writes, "Without change, you got nothing. You got no stories, no life, no nothing." Robot Stories is the opposite of nothing though. It's filled with lots of something, and that something is life, and a celebration of the stories we tell, all of which we found quite moving, and think you will too. In fact, we think it just might change your life. So please do hit it, and when the moment strikes you, please do hit our podcast with Mason as well. You will learn more about Sad Robots, but you will also learn about Logan Square, Mason's hair, rashes, Oscar Wao, Shabby Dollhouse, and why DJ Berndt is so fucking happy. It's good stuff, and sure to change your life as well.

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