Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New joint. The Natural. At the Cobalt Review - The 2013 Baseball Issue.

Very cool this is. And very thrilled we are to be the starting pitcher for the home team. So please do hit it and please do check-out the whole lineup, not to mention that of the away team as well, because they are most all-star indeed. Excerpt? Cool. 

"I was told to take my base.

When I got there, I noticed that something had changed. The game had somehow taken on a whole new look. The grass was greener, and the dirt was dirtier. The field didn’t look quite so big anymore, and things just didn’t seem to be moving quite so fast out there either. I could follow the pitcher as he slowly went into his motion. The ball didn’t really get to home plate all that quickly. I also saw that the infielders were moving in a kind of slow motion, and that there was probably no way they could prevent me from stealing second base. Was the catcher really going to rifle the ball to the second baseman quickly enough to throw me out? No, not a chance, and so I took off, sliding in feet-first, the throw so late I was practically standing by the time it reached us.
There was this hum in the air, like electricity, as I stood on second base. I was lost in it, lost in my own world, and following my own rhythm."

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