Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New joint. Go Fast. At the Eunoia Review.

So fast, so new, and so very appreciative to the Eunoia Review for running with it. No pun intended. Excerpt? Cool.

"The taste of salt is always present.
Easing from our pores and caking on the back of our neck, our forehead, lower back and behind our knees, only to crumble and fall to the ground when we are home again.
It is also in the air, wafting in from the sea, across the beach and dunes, and permeating every bit of space around us as it has no choice but to do.
Salt air is what we know, and even what we are. Well, that and the journey.
This, life, everything, is about the journey, where we are, and how we should get there, and if we can just go step by step, and if we can plot those steps, somehow trusting in nature, and the idea that the universe has a plan for us, and for itself, it will all be okay.
This is also means that there is no complaining, not when we are tired, not when we are hurt, nor when the weather changes our plans, or the path we are on has somehow shifted under our feet.
We move forward, always forward, drawing on our past experiences, community, and collective knowledge, but with our eyes set on getting where we need to go, and appreciating greatness if and when it comes.
And so it has been for us.
We put on our running shoes, our hat, we adjust our watch, pack something light to snack on, and some water, we greet the dog, who is always waiting right there, and ready to go.
It is our daily ritual, the same time of day, every day, the same goals intact, go, go far, and when we can, go fast."

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