Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ch-ch-changes. TBWCYL, Inc. announces some profound changes to "This Blog Will Change Your Life."

Many music references this week, we know, not that we know why. Still, we are here to announce some changes to "This Blog Will Change Your Life," though we recognize that they may well be self-evident. What we've done, is added a series of new features which you can find to the left. First, we are now collecting Lucky Man book reviews, marketing videos, and interviews for you in one easy to find location. And second, we are adding links to (1) selected published works of TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer as well as (2) the blogs/websites we love, as we are sure that they will change your life. Now, why are we doing this you ask? Because (A) we at TBWCYL, Inc. believe in the importance of change, ours and yours, and we have decided to model that here on the mother ship, (B) we are consumer-driven and you the people have demanded it, and (C) and most importantly, we are all about unabashedly and most-narcissistically selling ourselves at all costs, and market research has shown us that these changes will help us get there faster, easier, and more profoundly. So there you go. While change is good, change also sells, and we are all about selling.


Don said...

I'm all for helping someone sell themselves. Just think of me as your James Lipton. :)

Jason Jordan said...

Thanks much for the link and quote. ;)

TBWCYL, Inc. said...

We are all about the Lipton, as well as furries, so thank you Don, and Jason, anything for you, you know that.